‘Everything I own destroyed.’ Naughty cat floods ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ star’s home

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Actor Frankie Muniz was left in the middle of a watery disaster last week when he returned home from France and found what his cat had done in his absence.

“I arrived home from my uncle’s funeral to find 4 of my 5 story brownstone home under 3 feet of water,” the “Malcolm in the Middle” star tweeted on Thursday.

“Everything I own, destroyed. Every wall, piece of artwork, personal photos, furniture … All because my cat accidentally turned on a sink a few days ago while we were gone.”

He recognized how tall this cat tale sounded.

“I know this sounds ridiculous, but I swear it’s true,” he tweeted. “You wouldn’t believe the destruction.”

He described how it had been a “tough week with the loss of my Uncle Skip, 45 hours of travel to and from France to walk in to find this disaster. “I’ve cried more yesterday and today then my whole life combined. Forgive me for venting … I just need some support.”

Muniz made his name in Hollywood playing a gifted teen in a dysfunctional family in “Malcolm in the Middle,” which ran seven seasons from 2000 to 2006 on Fox, according to IMDB.

He finished in third place on the 25th season of “Dancing With the Stars” and is currently hosting “Dancing with the Stars Juniors,” according to the show’s website.

Muniz did not say where he lives, or share the name of the cat who caused the chaos, though in April he posted an Instagram photo of himself with a cat named Jerl. “Jeri just thinks she owns the place!!!” he wrote on that post.

“Everyone bow down and accept Frankie Muniz’s cat Jeri as your overlord because if you don’t, she might flood your house,” Refinery 29 wrote.