Veteran gets new roof after home damaged in Hurricane Florence

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— A Spring Lake veteran got a new roof on his home after it was damaged in Hurricane Florence thanks to the Owens Corning Co.

On Thursday, workers were at Clifton Hall’s home on Brinkley Drive lifting shingles, sawing and hammering.

“That is marvelous. Just to get that and, well, that would have cost over $10,000 if I would have had to pay out of my pocket,” he said.

Veteran gets new roof

Flooding from the Little River gutted Hall’s home, and the wind from Florence tore up his roof.

“We try and help all the veterans around the country. This is probably over a hundred that we have done like this. We just want to give back to our veterans,” said John Pickard, with Owens Corning.

The company provides the roofing materials for free and coordinates with its best contractors to install the roof at no charge.

Veteran gets new roof

“To me, it’s touching to see the extent of the damages that they received, (and to be) in a position where we can help, that’s extra great for us,” said Julian Hall, a contractor. “We don’t mind that at all.”

Hall said he is not concerned about being flooded again. He says home is where the heart is.