Possible tornado leaves trail of damage in San Gabriel

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SAN GABRIEL, Texas — A possible tornado rocked the small community of San Gabriel on Saturday. Power crews say it may take six hours to get the power back on.

The damage is still left on the side of the road in San Gabriel. Metal on the ground and in the trees came from a structure across the street that was destroyed.

Power lines have also been knocked down and are being worked on by Oncor crews. Luckily people are saying that it’s not homes that were damaged, but rather a church and a few structures along the road.

Those who live in this area say they never expected this to happen and because the clouds were so dark they couldn’t really see anything. But people who live about 6 miles down the road in Thorndale saw what was happening and knew they needed to help out.

“It’s gonna take some time and some help for these people to rebuild what they’ve worked hard for,” said Ken Caulfield, who lives in Thorndale. “They’re all farmers and ranchers out here. They work hard for the little things they have. It’s sad.” 

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People who live there say that clean up is the first step and they’re just glad that as far as they know no one was hurt.

But that process will take a while. The Thorndale volunteer fire department and county workers were some of the first out there, and that’s why the roads are clear.


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