Tornado damages building, power poles in Pasadena

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PASADENA, Texas – The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF 1 tornado touched down Sunday evening in Pasadena. 

Several blocks remained without power after the tornado tore down rows of power lines near the intersection of Fairmont Parkway and Shavers Street.

“It turned dark, the wind picked up and you could say, it all broke loose right here,” said David Sunday who was near the storm.

He and his wife were on their way to get something to eat when they noticed the sky started to change. They were close to the intersection of Fairmont Parkway and Shaver Street when they saw what appeared to be explosions in front of them. 

“It was like toothpicks, and I mean it went ‘pop, pop, pop,’ and the trees were just snapping,” Sunday said about the downed power lines. 

His wife recorded video of the storm and the moments where the clashes happened. 

“I had seen the tip of a cloud and everything started exploding and then the trees snapped and it went into a lady’s truck and popped out her windows, front damage to the side,” said Sunday. “I noticed she got out right away, getting a baby out. I stopped and got out, but she got the baby out and ran away, she was running away from it.” 

The tornado damaged a building that was in the middle of a strip mall. The side of the building was gone and debris littered the parking lot. 

Rosa Rubaclava said she had arrived at her job and was in her truck when the storm passed. She said her truck started to lift off the ground and moments later she saw the building start to break apart. 

People like Carmen Jasso received the tornado warning. She sheltered inside her home but was surprised by what she saw when she came outside. 

“I just walked to the corner and I see all this damage I’m surprised, I’m very surprised that I’m alive and I’m surprised that we are safe,” said Jasso. 

The downed power lines blocked parts of Fairmont Parkway, making it impassable. 

The power outage impacted several apartments and forced restaurants and other businesses to close down.  

The traffic lights at the intersection of Fairmont Parkway and Shaver Lane were also not working. 

“Well, I guess the good Lord spared us because I had to get out and direct traffic, he used me,” said Sunday, who is a retired Houston firefighter. 

Crews working to replace the power lines said they’ll work overnight, but even then, it may take another day to get everything back up and running, 

South Houston High School is right at the intersection where the damage happened.

Pasadena Independent School District said classes are scheduled as normal for Monday morning, but if anything changes, they’ll have an update around 5 a.m. 

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