Argyle Residents Looking For Long Term Solution To Flooding Problems: ‘It’s Getting Worse Each Time’

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ARGYLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The town of Argyle received torrential rain resulting in several flooded homes in the neighborhood at Skyline Drive and Valley View Court on Tuesday night.

The homeowners said every time it rains for more than 30 minutes this happens, but this time was exceptionally bad.

“We rented a mini excavator and dug this giant trench to protect us,” Ted Downing said.

Downing took yard drainage into his own hands last year.

“The trench has worked really well for us up until last night,” Downing said.

Tuesday night his home was at one of at least eight that flooded after torrential rain.

He said although the flooding was exceptionally bad, this was certainly not the first time this has happened.

“We started talking to the town leaders about it in 2015,” Erin Reed said.

Reed said she and her neighbors have brought up the flooding problem multiple times during the town councils monthly meetings.

“We explained where the problems were, why there were problems, where it was coming from,” Downing said.

“We are being heavily impacted,” one homeowner said at last week’s town council meeting. “It’s getting worse each time.”

Argyle Mayor Donald Moser said the flooding problem was first brought to his attention last November.

He said the town then hired an engineer to look into what’s causing the problem and offer solutions to fix it, but since they weren’t getting the results they wanted they hired another engineer last month stressing they need their findings soon.

“I would hope that the city would take care of its citizens so that they don’t have to build their own moat,” Downing said.

Residents are now calling for special town workshop to have a more in depth conversation about flooding problem with town leaders.