Concerns about more rain, potential flooding with debris still in waterways

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BELMONT, N.C. — After the historic floods a week and a half ago, debris is still scattered across different lakes and waterways throughout the Catawba River. 

It’s why, with the additional rain in the forecast, a warning is being sent out to keep people safe. 

“The thunderstorms that are predicted could cause havoc again,” said Neil Brennan, the chairman of the Lake Wylie Marine Commission. 

Although boaters can be seen in the lake, debris can still be seen in on the surface and other large wreckage lurks underneath. 

“There’s not a whole lot of room left if we have more torrential rains as we had last week,” Brennan added. “The water levels at the top of that section is normally two feet lower.”

As the water rose, the rain continued, and the dams opened up, the wrath of the current could be seen. Boats and piers spilled over dams and other debris made its way down the river system, some getting stuck in random places. 

“That looked like a train wreck with all those boats that came over the dam,” said Brennan. 

With massive pieces of debris still in the water, and no wake buoys that were dislodged by the floods, Neil and other neighbors are warning boaters to slow down and keep a close eye out. 

“Particularly people who are not familiar with the lake, may not know where these danger areas are,” Brennan explained. 

He fears with the added rain, some dams could be reopened. It wouldn’t only impact the docks that are hanging on by a string but could also hit those whose homes already flooded. 

It’s why Brennan and others are pleading with boaters to go slow while out on the water, look out for debris, and give people the safe conditions to reconstruct their piers. 


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