Connection between Houston, New Orleans goes beyond hurricanes

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HOUSTON, Texas — As Tropical Storm Barry sets its sights on Louisiana, Houston may be out of its path, but we’ve got some friends that may not be so lucky.

It’s no secret Houston has a connection with New Orleans. How can we not? 

We’ve got some history and a lot of things in common: lots of culture, good cuisine and unfortunately, hurricanes. 

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Our love story began long before Katrina, but I think that was one of our biggest moments, when Houston took in thousands of evacuees.

A 2015 Kinder Institute blog estimates about 60,000 people came through the Astrodome after Katrina, with roughly 25,000 people on the grounds at any given time. 

They also estimate roughly 150,000 evacuees came to Houston and stayed.

And then, when it was our cry for help, they answered in the form of the Cajun Navy deploying hundreds to rescue us from Harvey. 

We also both know what it’s like to have sports teams lift us up after those disasters. The Saints won their first and only Super Bowl a few years after Katrina, and we all know what the Astros did for us.

We both love our music, that’s no secret. We’ve got country. They’ve got jazz. 

And when it comes to food, each of our unique flavors have traveled across state lines.

They’ve borrowed some barbecue and Tex-Mex. We, of course, love all the crawfish. 

And did you know, Brennan’s restaurant is exclusive to us? It’s only two locations are here, in Houston, and in New Orleans. 

So keep our friends in mind. You never know when we might need them again.