Severe weather leaves Raleigh couple with unique kind of storm damage

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— When the Bowden family saw drivers slowing down along the road Tuesday, they thought maybe there was a tree down. What they didn’t realize is the neighbors were checking out all of the damage in the couple’s front yard.

A North Carolina summer means storms. And this summer is no exception. Each storm has impacted neighborhoods all over the Triangle. This time around was no different.

“Of course we rushed and when we drove in it was devastating,” said Betty Bowden.

This time, the storms swept through the Bowden’s front yard. Every single tree was down on one side of their yard.

“So I just don’t understand why this can be so devastating and right over there … there’s nothing,” Bowden said.

The community of Willow Spring took a hit from the storm with trees down and power lines, too. The neighborhood was without power for several hours as power crews staged nearby, ready to get to work. Next, the damage will all have to be cleaned up. It’s a process the Bowdens are familiar with.

“I’ve been here 82 years so we’ve had quite a few,” Ray Bowden said. “But we were so blessed. Because I think number one, we weren’t home at the time. And two, not a single tree hit the house.”