Wild cows who showed up at Cape Lookout after Hurricane Dorian returned to Cedar Island

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— They are now home again.

The three wild cows that miraculously showed up on the North Core Banks of Cape Lookout National Seashore after Hurricane Dorian, have been returned to their home in Cedar Island and reunited with the herd there, according to officials with the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

Officials said park staff, in partnership with Ranch Solutions, LLC., and Morris Marina Ferry Service, worked to round up the cattle in what turned out to be about a two-day operation beginning Thursday and lasting until Friday morning. The wild cows were corralled into a cattle trailer that was loaded aboard a vehicle ferry.

Cows on Outer Banks

From there, the cattle and their wranglers were transported safely across the almost four miles of Core Sound to the mainland. Upon arrival at the ferry landing in Atlantic, NC, the cows were taken a short drive up NC Hwy. 12 to where the other cows were located.

“It took a lot of folks coming together to make this happen, and we are happy the cows made it home to Cedar Island,” said Cape Lookout National Seashore Superintendent, Jeff West in a press release. “I am pretty sure they are too!”

Cows, washed off Cedar Island by hurricane, found alive

For more information, including photos and a video of their transport, go to https://go.nps.gov/wildcows.