Savannah Inn to finally fully reopen after Hurricane Florence

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The Savannah Inn in Carolina Beach to fully reopen after nearly a year and a half of Hurricane Florence recovery (photo: WWAY)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The Savannah Inn in Carolina Beach has almost fully recovered from damage sustained during Hurricane Florence.

As of Wednesday, repairs are nearly completed.

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Inn Manager Brittany Francis says it’s been a tough journey.

“It hasn’t been easy, but it’s getting easier day by day,” Francis said. “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

After nearly a year and half, they’re almost back in business.

“We’re starting to come back to where we feel normal again,” she said.

Francis said they’re having to relearn what normal feels like.

“You walk in and you see everything the way it is every single day. Just nothing, there’s nothing there,” she said. “To reopening, to having everything back to normal, it’s a learning process.”

Luckily, it’s no longer nothing.

After working nearly every day since September of 2018 and spending nearly $650,000 in repairs, The Savannah Inn is scheduled to be fully reopened by February 1.

“I’m probably more excited than anybody,” Francis said. “We get to enjoy each other’s company, they love everything they’re seeing here. That’s been the driving force for us right now.”

The manager says the establishment was flooded with love from guests and the community.

“It was almost overwhelming, the amount of people that reached out to us,” Francis said. “‘We’ll just be there. You name the day and the time and we’re there.’”

With a brand new roof and upgraded rooms, she says–

“We’re just really excited for what the future holds,” Francis said.

There is minor work left to be done. The Inn is mostly waiting on inspections and final paperwork to be completed before fully reopening.