Cleanup continues weeks after Charlotte-area tornadoes

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CHERRYVILLE, N.C. — Homes and roads in the Charlotte region are still uninhabitable and impassable following last month’s tornadoes and heavy storms.

In Gaston County, a DOT crew is repairing Kenwood Road near Cherryville, which got washed out by last month’s storms.

According to a DOT spokeswoman, the road is scheduled to reopen by the end of March. The crew will then fix nearby Martin Road, which may not reopen until late April.

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Amy Patterson lives along Martin Road, and she said she it must add several minutes to get around the road closure.

“I’m really looking forward to being able to go back,” Patterson said.

U.S. Postal worker Sandra Mayes said it takes longer for her to complete her delivery route.

“It does make it a little more difficult. but it’s what we gotta do,” Mayes said.

However, DOT said if the region continues to get wet weather, it’ll delay road repairs.

In Charlotte, some homes are still uninhabitable after trees crashed into them.

Dead branches, broken fences and tarp-covered roofs can still be found all over Cameron Woods in South Charlotte.

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