Severe weather threat no longer in effect for Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A severe weather threat is no longer in effect for the Charlotte-area. 

According to meteorologist Chris Mulcahy, Charlotte is no longer in a high or even low risk for severe weather later this afternoon. 

Mulcahy said the rain Charlotte received this morning is stabilizing us. 

“We still have a chance for a few storms this afternoon but that should be about it,” Mulcahy said.

WHEN: The main time frame is from 2-8 PM this afternoon and early evening. After that there is a chance for one more round of rain but likely this will not be as strong as the storms arriving at the peak of the daytime heating.

WHERE: Right now our South Carolina counties and SE NE Carolina Counties (Union, Anson and Richmond) have the best chance for strong to severe storms.

WHAT: Strong damaging winds but also a chance for tornadoes. Damaging winds and downed trees will be the highest concern. Flash flooding is more of a threat to the south of the Charlotte area.



What’s NEXT: Another low-pressure system with a strong warm front will swoop across our region Saturday morning into the afternoon. This is still far out but this could be a similar scenario to what is on tap for Thursday. Keep this in mind and be “Weather Aware” Thursday and this coming Saturday.

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