Hurricane Laura evacuees find refuge in Central Texas hotels; some stay while others head home

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KVUE caught up with several Hurricane Laura evacuees at a hotel in Buda.

BUDA, Texas — Hundreds of Hurricane Laura evacuees woke up in hotel rooms across Central Texas Thursday morning, worried about what their neighborhoods look like on the Texas Coast.

The Stelly family from Beaumont was seen packing up their van bright and early outside of the Comfort Suites in Buda, Texas, to head back to assess the damage in southeast Texas. 

Ree Stelly said her they will be staying with their grandmother for a while until it’s safe to return home. 

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“We are without power and water from what I’ve heard, but no damage to our home or my parents’ home,” said Stelly. “I’m praying for the folks in Louisiana.” 

Other families from the Galveston area saying the journey was much longer than expected.

“It took us six hours to get here. It’s usually a three-hour trip. I have two sweet little granddaughters, I didn’t want to risk riding out the storm,” said Jim Evans

Evacuee David Taylor said he hopes his boat is still intact in Freeport, Texas. He enjoys taking fellow veterans out on the water.

“We’re here riding out this storm. It’s our first hurricane living in Freeport, we’re hurricane virgins!” said Taylor

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The Crook family from Orange, Texas, said they could possibly be without power for weeks and will be staying at the hotel until it’s safe to go back.

“You’re already anxious and then you’re wearing a mask, and then you’re having to social distance, but how do you social distance with more than one family in a hotel room?” said evacuee Winters Crook