Charlotte-Mecklenburg area preparing for heavy rain, flooding possibility

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Stormwater Services is reminding residents to clear out their drains and avoid roads with high water.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The forecast shows the next several days of heavy rain will bring rising water levels and serious flooding potential. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services wants to make sure everyone is prepared ahead of the downpour.

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Officials tell WCNC Charlotte the most important step is making sure there are no blockages near area creeks and encourage residents to do their part to help clear out debris from the stormwater drains. 

If you spot major blockage around your home, you can 311 for assistance.

“This helps the water flow a lot faster,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg  Storm Water Services spokesperson John Wendel said.

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He also adds there are more than 100,000 stormwater drains just throughout Charlotte alone. The biggest clogging issues typically come from sticks and leaves.

In Myers Park, homeowner Jeff Kahn says he’s had clogged drains cause major flooding to his property during almost every heavy rain.

“There’s nothing we can do cause the water goes so high,” Kahn said.

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Officials also warn you should never try to drive through rising water on the roads as well. They say the risk to your safety is just not worth it.

“Turn around, don’t drown,” Wendel said. “Every year you hear about people driving around barriers or going through floodwaters and someone drowning.”

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