Tracking two tropical storms and waves with chances of development

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Two named storms in the Atlantic basin.

Brittany Van Voorhees (WCNC), KJ Jacobs, Chris Mulcahy

12:48 PM EDT September 9, 2021

6:07 PM EDT September 20, 2021

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Two tropical storms are currently in the Atlantic with two other tropical waves trying to develop later during the week. 

Tropical Storm Peter

Peter continues to move near the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico. Peter is 150 miles northeast of the Leeward Islands. The tropical storm is moving west-northwest at 14 mph with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph and gusts of 65 mph. The forecast track shows how Peter will continues generally to the northwest before taking a turn to the north before it weakens on Thursday. 

Peter’s strength is not expected to change in the near future, but some weakening is on track by midweek. The approaching cold front that’ll bring rain to our region this week will help steer Peter away from the southeast coast. 

Tropical Storm Rose

The second tropical storm in the Atlantic basin is Rose. It’s moving more towards the north-northwest at 16 mph. The forecast track shows Rose maintaining its tropical storm status through Wednesday, but it’ll likely weaken in the central Atlantic without any impacts to land. 

New Tropical Wave(s)

An area of clouds and storms remain disorganized, but may gradually develop into a tropical depression over the week The area to watch is just off the coast of Africa. We’ll continue to monitor and keep you updated on its development.  

There is also a 80% chance for development over the next 5 days. The next name on the 2021 Atlantic hurricane list is Sam. Hurricane season ends November 30th for the Atlantic basin. 

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