Roads in Wilmington impacted by heavy rainfall barricaded due to flooding

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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As heavy rainfall sweeps across the Cape Fear, over the past two days flooding has become an issue.

Wilmington police have barricaded some roads across the city, that are dealing with high water.

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Some of the areas seeing the worst flooding are in New Hanover County. New Centre Drive between Market Street and South College Road, the 200 block of Old Eastwood Road, and South 14th Street And Orange Street, have all impacted by the heavy rainfall.

Wilmington Native Mark Squires says he has lived in his home on Cape Fear Boulevard his entire life, and says the flooding in his front yard has only worsened over time.

“The low point is right there in front of my yard, and that’s where the water is coming in from—and you know, there’s no curb there, there’s nothing there to support the water going down towards the street here. It’s just coming into my yard,” said Mark Squires, Wilmington resident.

The City of Wilmington has deployed pumps to help get the water off some of the roads that are flooded, and are asking residents to use caution.

“If there is flooding on a road that you’re driving along, do not go down that it, it’s very dangerous. It can result in drowning, and other injury or death, and so you know, –remember the ‘turn around don’t drown’, it’s easy to remember and it’s a good tip,” said Jennifer Dandron, City of Wilmington media manager.

Squires said he has reached out to the city multiple times about flooding in his yard and on his street, but still feels unheard.

“Address the issue, you know what I mean, don’t leave me hanging. I’m a city taxpayer, you know fix it, fix the problem. Let’s communicate together, and we’ll figure out the problem,” said Squires.

City officials are encouraging residents to report the areas impacted by flooding, so they can further be addressed.

“I understand how frustrating it can be experience these flooding’s, especially if you’re in an area that experiences it when it rains. If you have a flood event or if you see an area, we have a hotline, we have a hotline, and we also have a form on our website you can call and report it,” said Dandron.

The city monitors roads that are prone to flooding, and has a list of those areas and storm water projects they assess on a weekly basis. they’re asking residents to be patient as they try to address these issues.

“From staffing challenges, to COVID exposures, and the weather, you know it’s something we can’t control. It’s not something that we can really plan for, and if we get a hurricane or a major rainfall event, it really diverts our resources,” said Dandron.

Wilmington police say the barricades on flooded roads will remain in place until further notice, and the city will continue to provide updates on road closures on its social media pages.