Two Houston-area firefighters helping to put out Texas wildfires

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Spring Fire Department captain Tim Weiman and firefighter Jason Adams headed to Eastland County Thursday morning to assist with the North Texas wildfires.

TEXAS, USA — When Texas A&M Forest Service put out the call for firefighters trained in wildland firefighting, Tim Weiman didn’t hesitate to answer the call. 

“I said ‘Hey, let’s go. Let’s go up there and do a difference,'” said the Spring Fire Department captain. 

Weiman along with Spring firefighter Jason Adams headed to Eastland County Thursday morning to assist with the North Texas wildfires and said they have been working almost nonstop since their arrival, minus a 3-hour break.

“The training’s definitely kicked in, Weiman said. “I had to apply that training in a different way because we are in a different type of terrain.”

Weiman and Adams joined up with crews from North and Central Texas, initially protecting homes. Then they attacked the fires.

“The people up here are just amazing. I saw two young girls with a horse trailer drive through flames to get to the pasture to get their horses out,” Weiman said. “Seeing neighbors helping neighbors move cattle from pasture to pasture.”

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Weiman and Adams expect to work 12-hour shifts over at least 10 days, though their deployment could be extended. 

“My wife is very understanding, and she understands that we’re out here doing the Good Lord’s work.”

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Friday afternoon, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said state and local officials are working collaboratively and successfully to contain the fires. 

He said from the state’s side, there are 13 agencies involved, including the Texas Divison of Emergency Management, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Texas Department of Public Safety, The Texas Military Department and the Texas Department of Public Transportation. 

“When you have a fire this large in this many different areas you need all the help that you can get, and we appreciate the firefighters stepping up and assisting these fires across the entire region. 

Abbott said at least 50 homes have been lost thus far and expects that number to increase when officials are better able to surveillance the damage.

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