Family survives after tornado rips roof off home in Round Rock

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A Round Rock family is feeling lucky to be alive after a tornado ripped the roof completely off of their house.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — Neighbors in Round Rock are still trying to pick up the pieces from Monday night’s tornado that swept through the area.

In one neighborhood off Kensington Place, almost every home on the street suffered damage due to the tornado. Derry Schroer, her 18-year-old son, her boyfriend Michael, and his 17-year-old daughter Zoe were all crammed in the bathtub before a tornado came ripping through their home.

“I was just waiting to be sucked up into the air and then it was over. I said to Michael, ‘Is the house still here?’ And he said no, and I really thought he was kidding. And then once I stepped out, I just saw the night sky,” said Schroer.

The roof of their home was completely gone, glass from all the windows was shattered, furniture was covered in debris and their attic was nonexistent. The California native said they’re still trying to find where it ended up.

Schroer said the shaking from the tornado lasted only a few moments but felt like years.

“When it got intense, the pressure in our ears started to become painful. And then everything just shook. It was very violent, much more violent than earthquakes I’ve lived through. Then it settled down and we slowly crawled out of the tub to see the damage,” said Schroer. 

As for what’s next, Schroer and her family said they are appreciative of their neighbors and members of the community who have gathered clothes and food for them. Until they figure out what to do next, the family is staying at a local hotel. 

Michael’s daughter Maya has set up a GoFundMe to help the family. It can be found here. 

In a press conference Tuesday, Round Rock Mayor Craig Morgan and Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks praise the city for their willingness to help in tough times. In a tweet, Mayor Morgan said the city will come back stronger than ever. 

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