The First Round of Spring Severe Weather expected Wednesday for the Carolinas

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Widespread rain and thunderstorms are possible across the Carolinas and Charlotte area Wednesday afternoon and evening. Some could even see tornadoes.


What is Happening:

A strong storm system produced widespread severe weather in Eastern Texas and is now marching east of the Mississippi. Multiple tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are possible in the southern and southeastern United States now through Thursday morning. 

Day 1 Outlook (Tuesday and Tuesday Night):

The area in pink below has the best chance for severe weather and tornadoes today (Tuesday) and tonight. This area has the prime conditions that will allow for a ‘twist’ to the atmosphere and a lot of moisture to set up multiple severe storms. A lot wind damage is expect from Louisiana, through Mississippi and Alabama. The main threats will be for damaging winds but a tornado outbreak could be a major weather headline.

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Day 2: Carolinas Impacted 

The threat for severe storms will be lower than was was seen west of the area, but a low to a moderate threat for severe storms and tornadoes is in effect for Wednesday and Wednesday evening. This is the best chance the Charlotte area has had for severe weather in 2022.

Tornado Threat:

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A 5% chance is much lower than the 10-15% chances areas out west have had, but it only takes one to make the difference. There will be a lot of wind shear to the atmosphere that allows for storms to rotate. The worst scenario would be isolated rotating thunderstorms (supercells) that are typically stronger and have better chances to produce tornadoes.

Wind Threat:

The wind threat is at 15% which means that roughly 1 out of every 6 thunderstorms could produce damaging wind gusts exceeding 58 mph. 

Flooding Threat: