Saturday marks one year since Hurricane Ian in the Cape Fear

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SOUTHEASTERN, NC (WWAY)– Saturday marks one year since Hurricane Ian made its second us landfall in Georgetown, South Carolina, bringing impacts to the Cape Fear.  

Hurricane Ian made landfall as a category 1 storm in Georgetown, about one hundred miles south of the Cape Fear.  

Storm surge and wind damage were the biggest concerns, as wind gusts were close to 80 miles per hour at times. 

Luckily, damage was kept to a minimum. Being left with just minor dune and beach erosion.  

Fortunately, all the damage was able to be restored quickly, and beach towns could return to business as usual.  

“All the walkways were able to be quickly repaired, so very limited time the individual walkways were down, and then our dunes have also grown back to be in a healthy state again,” said Richard Childres, Sunset Beach Fire Chief.   

Ian’s arrival in late September of last year should serve as our reminder to be prepared for any storm this Atlantic Hurricane Season could still bring.