Don't get iced by scammers while trying to score Carolina Hurricanes tickets

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A viewer reached out to WRAL News to say he lost $260 while trying to buy Carolina Hurricanes tickets in a Facebook group.

Another person in the group said he lost $180 for two tickets.

The Better Business Bureau warns people to be smart with online ticket purchases, which is a problem the agency has seen for years. The bureau urges buyers to use a trusted seller that the team partners with instead of a third party.

“If you can look at their profile and see if other people have commented on their posts, possibly explaining any sort of behavior to go with the purchase of the tickets, that could be a red flag,” said Nick Hill with the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Carolinas. “If they don’t have any sort of profile at all, where you can’t find any pictures or evidence of them communicating with other people or friends, that can be a red flag that is a scam.”

If the deal seems too good to be true, that’s probably the case, according to Hill.

Hill recommends always using a credit card for online ticket purchases. He said it’s easier to get your money back as opposed to paying with peer-to-peer apps like Venmo and CashApp.

Also, Hill said the BBB also has a scam tracker for reporting these types of incidents.