VIDEO: Hurricane Florence wreaks havoc at Atlantic Beach

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Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc at Atlantic Beach Thursday night.
Mayor Trace Cooper reported that, so far, homes, businesses and mobile homes have been relatively unaffected. The most significant damage to buildings has been to shingles and home siding in the center of Atlantic Beach.

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Several businesses and commercial buildings, on the other hand, experienced significant damage.

The canopy at the Scotchman blew over and the Circle K lost some gas tanks. The Pacific beachwear store experienced heavy damage as well after having its windows blown in.

One restaurant–The Barnacle–was entirely swept away by the storm.

The restaurant, located less than 1,000 feet from the sea on the Oceana Pier, was lifted away by vicious waters, along with a good chunk of the pier.

The mayor released this statement regarding the effects of Hurricane Florence:

Last night was a rough night for our great little beach town. It was the worst night we’ve experienced during the 11 years I’ve served as Mayor. Although I had posted some positive updates based on what I saw just before dark, Hurricane Florence did not let up through the night and has not let up any today.
Our town has experienced some damage, but Atlantic Beach is still here. And, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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