York County prepares for hurricane conditions

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– A week of preparation has led to this.

“We got fuel in our cars and we’re ready to go. Cash on hand, and the lasts thing we’ll do is fill the bathtub with water in case we lose power,” said Jennifer Douglass who lives near the Catawba River’s bank.

Officials relayed their final messages to York County residents. They say don’t go into flood waters, and don’t be that person to take the boat out in a storm.

“Please don’t put our responders at risk,” said Chuck Hayes, York County Emergency Management Director.

The boat ramps are now closed. Signs are posted out front deterring anyone from accessing the river.

“Please don’t get out on the Catawba River,” said York County Sheriff’s Office public information officer, Trent Faris, “because those waterways will be very rough and dangerous.” He continued, “Our patrol units are equipped with throw bags.  Let’s just hope we don’t have to use those to rescue somebody that ended up in the river.”

York County Emergency Management says their 911 dispatch system has been inundated with calls.

“You’re calling because of just general things,” said Allen Brandon, Director of 911 services in York County, “such as, “what is the weather? Where is the path coming?’”

For that reason, officials set up a separate phone lie for people who have general questions, so they can leave the emergency lines open for people who need it. You can call them at (803) 325-2400.

York County will also open three shelters at noon on Friday, Sept. 14 and pets are allowed. Those shelters are located at the Boyd Hill Center, Mount Holly United Methodist Church and Clover Baptist Church.