Air Wilmington sees influx of response aircraft filled with supplies for hurricane relief

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One of the Coast Guard helicopters that landed at Air Wilmington to assist with hurricane relief. (Source: WECT)

A WECT crew got a first hand look at the tarmac at Air Wilmington Tuesday.

Air Wilmington is where response helicopters and other aircraft have been arriving to bring supplies for hurricane relief to those in Southeastern NC.

Tony Wright, the General Manager for Air Wilmington said they had about 80 aircraft fly in and out of their facility Monday.

He said Tuesday was a little more quite although they still had about 30 aircraft on their tarmac which is plenty more than an average day for them.

Wright said on a normal day, they only have about 2 helicopters using their tarmac. Tuesday, there were about 20.

Wright said most of the aircraft that came with supplies did “out of the goodness of their heart.”

Among some of the aircraft that came were Coast Guard helicopters and private planes for corporations such as Home Depot and Lowes. 

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