Lost Pines Christmas Snow Day in Bastrop

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– Bastrop County hosted its annual Lost Pines Christmas Snow Day but the festivities were a little different this year because of some wet weather.

Much of Fisherman’s Park was under water Saturday due to heavy rains that hit most of Central Texas. 

Friday’s severe weather had many residents in Bastrop concerned whether holiday festivities would be postponed or even canceled.

“It’s put a big damper on festivities you have to think about it you don’t know if the river is going to keep rising and if it’s going to be dangerous to come down here at all. Few years back we lost people in flooding,” Eva Smith says.

But with some holiday spirit and a few revisions the annual Lost Pines Christmas Snow Day was able to happen.

The Bastrop River of Lights Walking Trail along the Colorado River had to temporarily closed due to flooding.

Michael Torres spent of his Saturday at the event and made the most of the wet landscape. He says there was “tons of water” but “it didn’t affect (the event) too much.”

Throughout the day families enjoyed hot cocoa, an ice slide and even a snow ball fight.

“For them to bring snow it’s a miracle, for all these little kids that have probably never seen snow at all,” Smith says.

Officials say they know some people were disappointed but remind everyone that once the river goes back to normal level that the event will also back to business as usual.