Residents in Settlers Park deal with flooding from Tuesday's rain

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SUGAR LAND, Texas – After a night full of rain and a day of on again, off again scattered showers, many in the Settlers Park community in Sugar Land have spent the last few days with flooded streets.

“Just bracing for whatever was going to happen. At a certain point where you just have to accept it and roll with it,” Robert Ashby said.

Ashby and his family anxiously watched and recorded Wednesday night as the water crept closer and closer to their home.

“I’m just happy it didn’t get in our house or whatnot. This one wasn’t as bad as (Hurricane) Harvey, but I felt like it happened a lot faster,” Ashby said.

While some were lucky in the neighborhood, others weren’t as fortunate.

“It was scary because it just kept coming up and up and up,” Ashlen Brown said.

Brown said the water quickly took over her family’s garage and ruined lots of keepsakes.

“Sentimental things. We also lost a lawnmower and equipment like that,” Brown said.

While the water didn’t make it inside her home, they prepared by picking things up off the ground.

“We moved everything up that we can from the floor to make sure that we can try to salvage what we can and prepare for this weekend,” Brown said.

It wasn’t long ago the family was devastated by Harvey.

“It’s not fun. It’s very stressful. It’s hard to believe that it’s happening to you,” Brown said.

With more rain in the forecast, many in the community plan to keep a close eye on Mother Nature over the next few days while also saying extra prayers.

“My heart just breaks for these people. I don’t understand how they can go through it over and over again,” Kathy Wrobel said.

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