Gov. Roy Cooper tours homes devastated by floods

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– North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper toured homes devastated by storms and flooding a month ago. Neighbors on Riverside Drive were ready to voice their frustrations in hopes he can help them.

“The reality is all those things are replaceable,” one man said to Cooper, “but what’s not are emotions.”

A month after flood waters took over the community, emotions have ranged from sad, to frustrated, to angry and downright defeated.

People’s homes have been gutted. Some are living in campers outside their houses, and many of them feel like they’re not getting the assistance they really need.


“We calculated everything,” said Debbie Barefoot. “Especially what insurance doesn’t cover. It’s probably $300,000.”

Many homes still have papers taped to the door, saying the home is unsafe. Nearly every home had yellow tape showing the governor where the waterline was a month ago.

“There is clearly a lot of frustration and despair about what they do next,” Governor Cooper told FOX 46.

Homeowners want to know what took so long. Some say the disaster declaration hasn’t helped.

“Is he just coming down here to make an appearance?” Barefoot questioned. “I hope he makes a liar out of me. I hope he does something for us.”

Homeowners want to know if Governor Cooper will look into Duke Energy’s decision to release water from the Cowans Ford Dam, forcing water levels to rise rapidly.

“This kind of thing doesn’t need to happen again,” Cooper said, “that’s for sure, and we will look into this situation to see what happened.”

Many were happy to see their Riverside Drive community getting attention, including a little girl who read Cooper her poem:

There was the flood,

Then came the mud.

It was a shame,

But who took the blame.

The dock is done,

No jumps no fun.

Wilma my friend,

her house came to an end.

I looked at her house,

Her heartbroken spouse.

This is not right,

We will put up a fight.