Hurricane hacks: Food in the washing machine and more

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When preparing for a storm like Hurricane Dorian, there are things you can do to make sure your stuff stays safe and dry, even if the power goes out.

Check out these cool hacks from AccuWeather.


If you need extra storage for food, try keeping it in your washing machine. You can pack the food in with ice because it will drain out after it melts. What’s more, the metal will continue to help keep the food cold after the ice melts.

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If losing power also means losing water in your home, be sure to plan ahead.

During storms, you can store water in your bathtub so you have some ready for the toilet. Also, be sure to take a shower before the storm hits.


If you’re worried about things getting wet, a dishwasher is a good place to keep them dry because it is sealed off so well. Put your stuff inside a zip-close bag before storing it in there. Just make sure you don’t forget to retrieve the items after the storm!

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