How Texas is helping prepare for Hurricane Dorian

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HOUSTON – Texas is no stranger to hurricanes and preparing for monstrous storms. So, it’s no surprise that when others are facing the full force of the tropics, people in the Lone Star State are willing to help.

With Category 4 Hurricane Dorian aiming for the southeastern coast of the U.S., Texas is responding to calls for assistance.

Here is a closer look at some resources the state is offering to places preparing for Dorian.

For the latest information about the storm, go to the Hurricane Headquarters section.

Texas Task Force 1

On Saturday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he deployed Texas Task Force 1 to Florida at the request of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Type III team consists of 45 personnel, equipment and rescue boats.

“Texas offers its full support to the state of Florida, and we remain ready to offer additional assistance as needed,” Abbott said in a written statement.

Abbott said an additional contingent of 50 trained water rescuers and boat squads are prepared to assist if needed.

Salvation Army Texas

Members of the Texas Salvation Army are joining the Emergency Disaster Services teams that the charity is deploying to Florida.

An 11-person team with five mobile kitchens will head to Florida on Monday. Members of this team are specially trained in emergency disaster response.

“Our primary responsibility is the delivery of meals, snacks and hydration to first responders and to the communities in the path of the storm,” said Alvin Migues, Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Director for the Texas Division. “We also help facilitate cleanup efforts, provide emotional and spiritual support and remain to support long-term recovery programs that can sometimes span several months following a large-scale event.”

The deployment typically lasts for 14 days.

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