Tips for housing guests who may need assistance during Hurricane Isaias

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— Gov. Roy Cooper on Friday asked people to turn their homes into shelters for family and friends and to try and avoid going to public shelters when Hurricane Isaias impacts North Carolina.

Residents who spoke to WRAL News said they are aware of the possible space shortage and concerns with the coronavirus pandemic and are willing to help. It seems many North Carolinians are not opposed to housing friends and family in the coming days.

“Absolutely … it is always best to help people in need,” said Randy Hall. “That’s what we would be interested in doing.

“I like helping people. That is what America is about is helping people.”

The combination of COVID-19 and a hurricane has decreased spaces at shelters. It’s leaving hotels and homes as a possible option.

“I do worry about people,” Pat Hall said. “I don’t want to see anybody harmed or their belongings damaged. Life is more important than things. We would be willing to house someone if needed to.”

“If we are willing to help someone, someone might be willing to help us if we were in need,” Randy Hall said. “We are glad to do that.”

Here are some tips on what experts said to do if you are taking in guests:

  • Create a designated area for guest and their things
  • Have extra toiletries available
  • Provide extra clean towels and bedding
  • If guests have a pet, make sure to have space for them as well

When housing guests, it is still important to practice some social distancing.

“This virus it is not picky on who it chooses, and it can spread like wildfire,” Pat Hall said.