What's in a Name: Famous 'F' Named Tropical Systems and Tropical Storm Fred

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There are many notable tropical storms and hurricanes that begin with the letter ‘F’. Including three monsters that made landfall in North Carolina


Retired ‘F’ Names:

There are nine hurricanes that have been retired since 1954 that began with the letter ‘F’. The letter ‘F’ in the hurricane alphabet of names ties ‘C’ names with the second most retired for that letter but ‘I’ is the most retired, with 11 total being retired.

  • Florence 2018
  • Felix 2007
  • Frances 2004
  • Fabian 2003
  • Floyd 1999
  • Fran 1996
  • Frederic 1979
  • Fifi 1974
  • Flora 1963

Interesting Fact: One third of these names all made landfall in the same area in North Carolina.

Fran, Floyd and Florence all made landfall around Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Earliest ‘F’ Names: 

2005 and 2020 are by far the most active years on record. 2020 finished as the most active season, ending the year with 30 named storms compared to 28 (tropical cyclones and 27 that were named) in 2005. The earliest ‘F’ named or 6th storm of the season goes to the most active year, 2020 with Tropical Storm Fay. 

Tropical Storm Fay in 2020 outpaced 2005 by 12 days. 2020 never looked back and the most active year on record took the earlier title from every letter to complete the season

2021 and Tropical Storm Fred:

2021 started off strong and constant but in July, the hurricane season screeched on the brakes hard. This was mainly due to Saharan dust from Africa which inhibits tropical development. 

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