Southport church helping veterinary hospital operate after damage from Tropical Storm Idalia

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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) –Tropical Storm Idalia left Four Paws Veterinary Hospital without a building to use after the storm ripped off part of its roof.

The hospital thought they would be out of luck, or that’s what they thought until a little divine intervention.

“So, they actually reached out to us, they have two classrooms in the back of the building that they don’t use during the week. So, they allowed us to come over here so we can see our clients and our patients and getting them taken care of. It’s helped us out a lot,” said Sarah Lowry, Office Manager of Four Paws.

Generations Church, which is just a few feet away from four paws, has been the site of their temporary home. While it’s not easy to run a veterinary hospital out of a church, the staff of four paws is thankful and making it work. River Road Animal Hospital also let the hospital operate out of their facility a few days last week as well.

“It’s actually been working out really well (laughing) surprisingly. Everybody’s been pitching in, the church has been great letting us use the space. But as far as the girls leaving and doing what they need to do and still seeing the patients that we need to see, that are sick and need annual vaccines and stuff, has actually been going really well I think,” said Beth Willets, another employee at Four Paws.

Sarah Lowry says despite the challenges the vet hospital has faced; the support the community has shown has helped them get through this.

“It’s been amazing, I mean we’ve had donations sent to us to help us out which is great. So, we’re able to stay afloat with that. It’s just the clients that have called, you know telling us that they’re thinking of us, it’s just been, it’s been great,” Lowry said.

A new roof has been ordered for the hospital and should be coming in within the next few weeks. After it’s installed, the staff can start working in the back of the building as it was not damaged as much.