Hotels canceling reservations ahead of Florence

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People are wondering what to do after their Florence plans have fallen through. (Source: FEMA)

As Hurricane Florence closes in, some people are finding their plans for riding out the storm are changing at the last minute.

Several members on the WECT Community Voice Facebook page posted about finding out the reservations they had made for a room at a hotel in Wilmington or another interior area in New Hanover County had been canceled.

One of the hotels, the Jameson Inn at 5102 Dunlea Court, said the decision to cancel reservations came because of the concern for guest safety. A representative for the hotel said the building was not built to withstand a hurricane like Florence, and that the decision was made to evacuate and close the hotel. Personal calls were being made to guests with information on file.

At the Baymont Inn at 306 S College Road, a booking representative said the owner decided that because the building lacks a backup generator, all reservations for the duration of the storm other than those for American Red Cross personnel are being canceled. All guests currently at the hotel are required to leave by 9 a.m. Thursday.

Both hotels indicated they were reaching out to guests who had booked either directly or through a third-party.

Makayla Cessna, who booked a room at the Baymont Inn, said she found out the hotel was canceling rooms when she happened to call.

Cessna said she is concerned others will not find out about the canceled reservations until it is too late.

“Unless they call, they are going to show up to those hotels and not have a safe place to stay,” she said.

Representatives from both Jameson Inn and Baymont Inn said they’ve reached out to customers, but anyone who has not heard from them should call immediately.

If you are not evacuating and are looking for a safe place to stay during Hurricane Florence, shelters across the Cape Fear region are open.

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