Hurricane Florence victims could qualify for low interest loans

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If you’re a homeowner, business owner, renter, or run a non-profit, you could qualify for a low-interest SBA disaster assistance loan.

“If you don’t have insurance or have a large deductible, you’ll have a larger gap, and we can look at funding the difference to make you whole,” said Carl Dombek with the SBA Office of Disaster Assistance.

Dombek said they’ve already approved more than seven million loans and expect to approve even more.

“I would just encourage people to get into the system. Register with FEMA, if you’re referred to SBA fill out and return that application, even if you don’t think you can’t afford a loan, because if we look at it and say, you know what you’re right you can’t, we will then refer you back to FEMA potentially for additional grant assistance, but if you don’t return the application, then the process comes to a stop. So it’s important to get that application returned to us, no matter what you feel like your situation is. If we were to offer you a loan and you still don’t feel comfortable you don’t have to accept it, there’s no obligation and no fees.”

You can apply in person at one of FEMA’s Disaster Recovery Centers, like this one in Fayetteville.

You can also apply online here.

The low-interest loans can help in replacing your home, personal property, business, even your vehicle.

Dombek said the loans come with a favorable interest rate. “For homeowners and renters as low as two percent, for nonprofits two and a half percent, and for businesses 3.675 percent for this disaster, and repayment terms can go as long as 30 years and the internet is to make recovery affordable.”

It’s important to be leary of scammers.

There is no fee to apply or to get a loan, so if anyone asks you to pay funds, stay away from it.

It’s not legit

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