Students donate to Florence victims

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– Students at Belmont Central Elementary are learning a lesson in counting money and the importance of giving it away to those in need. 

“What I want you to do is sort these coins,” said Anita Delaney, a second grade teacher at Belmont Central.

It’s all part of Nickels 4 Neighbors and is a district wide initiative. Each classroom has a collection jar that students have filled with pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and even some dollar bills. 

All of the money collected will be given to some of the hardest hit schools in Eastern North Carolina still struggling to get back to normal after the hurricane hit in September. 

“I like the project because we could help people because their house is destroyed,” said Maggie, a second grader. 

“I asked my mom, dad and brother,” explained Lincoln who brought in change for the cause. 

“I think explaining exactly where this money was going made a huge difference to them,” said Delaney. 

“I brought in some money I have in my box and a dollar that I got from the tooth fairy,” said Alaina, a second grader. 

All in all, Mrs. Delaney’s class collected around $75. That’s just one class. The district has 55 schools all taking part in the effort. 

It’s expected the district could donate as much as $20,000 when it’s all said and done. 

“They will feel very happy because people will care about them,” said Maggie. 

This is the third year for Nickels 4 Neighbors. So far, the effort has raised $47,000 to get results for other schools across the state struggling after weather related events.