Boat owners, insurance companies settle claims for Hurricane Isaias Southport Marina damage

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Boaters will not have to pay out of pocket for damage at the Southport Marina from Hurricane Isaias (Photo: Tela Diliberto/Tadphotos)

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — New details are being revealed about the resolution of claims between the previous owners of the Southport Marina and scores of boaters after Hurricane Isaias brought significant damage to both.

Southport Marina Incorporated sent boat owners two letters in 2020 requesting compensation for hosting the boats during the storm.

The first letter was for damages to the marina and piers, and averaged $20,000 per owner.

The second letter was for salvage service claims, and averaged $6,000 per owners.

When Morningstar bought the Marina, it didn’t take over the previous legal issues.

After the sale, Southport Marina Incorporated walked away from the damage claims but not the salvage claims.

Insurance companies for each of the boat owners worked with Southport Marina Incorporated to settle any salvage claims for much less than the $6,000 originally asked for.

None of the boat owners had to pay out of pocket.